I've been an art student my whole life but only recently picked up my camera during the pandemic. I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed documenting my family, even as they present subjects always on the move! I enjoy bringing what I've taught myself and learned through experience to every family photoshoot and image.

Lately I've been trying to live intentionally, to notice the "glimmers" around me that bring me joy. Translated onto film, these glimmers may look like: your child's mischievous smile as they glance at the camera mid-play; your gleeful grin as you toss your toddler into the air; the peace as you and your partner hold your newborn close; your hands as they brush your bump, wondering how the little life inside will grow. These are the moments I aim to capture for you to cherish always.

Last but not least, my editing style. It can be described as colorful; sometimes light and airy, sometimes a little darker and moody depending on the feeling of the shoot. I tend towards vibrant hues, soft bright whites and vibrant skin tones.